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My practices are a constant reminder that you can make your tattoo work unique and stand apart. Tattooing has become a formula over time; there is such an overwhelming amount of repetition that has been popularized across the Internet, drowning beautiful work due to a lack of research and knowledge. However, there are incredible tattooists that are continuing to emerge from this sea of translucent imagery.

I don’t come from a family where tattoos were normal. No one in my family had tattoos. My Sister has one now, but that’s only because I tattooed her a few years ago. I didn’t have any tattoo influences as a youngster. I just saw them on other people in the street and in magazines. I’m talking about Rock or Metal magazines. I went to see bands play, whenever I could as a teenager in the late 90’s.

I’ve had a great schooling, in boarding for 8 years, followed by a B. Com.,

I knew I loved tattoos but I never, ever could have predicted just how major a role they would have in my life. Despite pre-conceived ideas about the kind of people that wore them, I made my mind up fairly early in my teens that I was going to get tattoos. My parents caught on pretty quick and tried to steer me in another direction but it was already in my head. I don’t even know how to explain it… I suppose you can’t explain it to anyone who isn’t enthusiastic about tattoos. I wanted to cover my body in tattoos and that was that. I was suddenly cutting out all kinds of pictures relating to tattoos, anything I could find and pinning them to my bedroom walls and have never stopped since then.

I like doing nature-oriented work – flowers, insects, oriental/Japanese work, tribal patterns and colour work. I specialize in lettering/heavy font work. I would like to get better at black/gray shaded tattoos.

I’ve now been tattooing for over Eleven years and I sure know that I’m gonna be tattooing for the rest of my life.

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